Horizontal Rule The Story About Graphic
01 Utilizing a contemporary fictional story that traverses the scope of 21st century modern culture by referencing different aspects and facts from our everyday lives, our reality. In essence, navigating the terrain where fact and fiction, reality and illusion, the visible and the invisible, the physical and the spiritual meet and are blurred. The story is presented in a 2008 vernacular, a synergetic language consisting of text, image & graphics.
02 The story begins with the introduction to the main character Desmond Mann, aka Dez, aka D-Code. Dez is a graphic artist by day and a street artist by night. Dez is the vehicle through which this story is told. A journey is about to unfold for Dez that will alter his life forever.
03 Chapter 1’s focus is on decoding and engaging the signs and symbols so prevalent within our culture today, that being manifested in Advertisements. Through the main character, the reader is exposed to the process of decoding these signs and symbols, thus gaining a better perspective on how these signs and symbols are impacting our lives.
04 The story takes place in Los Angeles, but is not limited to this city alone, this is an urban story. Los Angeles is the most ethnically diverse city in the world with its population of over 10 million people speaking over 100 languages. Journey through this city with Dez, D-coding LA and tapping into the pulse of this city, the zeitgeist of what this day and time bestows as 21st century life unfolds.